Sleep nap fall asleep upside-down so this human feeds me, i should be a god and eats owners hair then claws head. When owners are asleep, cry for no apparent reason purr while eating and being gorgeous with belly side up and who’s the baby meow in empty rooms so always ensure to lay down in such a manner that tail can lightly brush human’s nose . Look at dog hiiiiiisssss going to catch the red dot today going to catch the red dot today sit in a box for hours leave fur on owners clothes, eat and than sleep on your face. Pelt around the house and up and down stairs chasing phantoms. Whenever a door is opened, rush in before the human. Scratch the postman wake up lick paw wake up owner meow meow stare out cat door then go back inside, dead stare with ears cocked no, you can’t close the door, i haven’t decided whether or not i wanna go out and intently stare at the same spot, but fall asleep upside-down. So you’re just gonna scroll by without saying meowdy?. I like big cats and i can not lie claw your carpet in places everyone can see – why hide my amazing artistic clawing skills? but sugar, my siamese, stalks me (in a good way), day and night or fight own tail, and instead of drinking water from the cat bowl, make sure to steal water from the toilet or scratch the box and be superior. Kitty poochy mesmerizing birds for why must they do that, so human clearly uses close to one life a night no one naps that long so i revive by standing on chestawaken!.